The Faberge Egg

[Acts: ‘The Swan Bride’]

    Woven around an original prop inherited from the wonderful, quirky Ruby Blues, This is an incredible and in-demand centre-piece that can be used both for performances  that provide a glorious climax to any show or as a 45 minute installation from which Vicky Butterfly can amuse, tease and delight your guests!

        Now a life-size Faberge inspired Egg (loosely based on the Order of St George Imperial Egg) it can revolve on its own stage in front of a 6ft by 12ft 180 degree gold mirrrorama (Inspired by the hall of mirrors in The Catherine Palace in St Petersburg) for ultimate decadent opulence.

        Currently, as befits the concept, this prop is paired with an adaptation of “The Swan Bride” to create “The Imperial Swan Egg”, as Vicky Hatches into a true swan with 4m wings for a show steeped in Belle Epoque luxury, with perhaps a little side reference of King Ludwig of Bavaria’s lavish eccentricity!        

        This performance can be made suitable for audiences of all ages.

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