Peacock Nocturne:

Elegant and seductive, this 1940s style burlesque act features a stunning peacock feather train, and showcases a tiny 17" corset! This classic retro-style act is THE benchmark of what an original, classy tease should be, the very image of a latter day Rita Hayworth... From the first section in which the peacock feathers attached to her body are shed, the exquisite costume detailling that perfectly complements the grace and sinuousness of this performance, to the slow, yet impish, seduction with peacock feather fans (or alternatively 6ft ostrich fans): once the audience are hooked, she departs to leave only a trail of feathers and a lingering kiss...

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil:

One of Vicky Butterfly’s most sumptuous Burlesque acts, this act also takes satorial influences from the decadence of 1920s Shanghai. This show is coupled with the rocking crescent Moon for a stunning climax with showers of silver glitter!

*As with all her acts, this can be performed in a ‘PG’ version.


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